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It can be confusing, learning about and buying Human Growth Hormone online. Which the best brand to buy? Where to buy? and how to buy HGH online? Here you will find some useful information and hopefully clear things up and make your decision to purchase human growth hormone easier. First off let me quickly go over some of the benefits of using human growth hormone. Human growth hormone repairs damage done to your heart, liver, lungs, tissue actually permanently repairs cartilage, increase your bone density increased the health and well-being of your skin and will actually make you look and feel 10 years younger and will slow the aging process. HGH dramatically increases your sports ability and endurance especially if you're over the age of 30 where your body no longer produces HGH. While producers such a minimal amount that it no longer functions correctly. Eli Lilly Humatrope was the first to develop artificial injectable human growth hormone. They invented the injectable human growth hormone at Eli Lilly laboratories they hold the patent on how they manufacture. Their human growth hormone is 191 amino chains. Whereas most of the other brands are 192 amino chains. 191 amino chains are what your body actually produces. It works a little bit better than the other brands. It is also probably the most expensive on the market. The difference when taking One type of Human Growth Hormone over other brands, for most people is the following: After 2 to 3 shots of Humatrope you will get a feeling of everything is going to be okay as the Humatrope clears out the cortisol (worry) hormone, you feel less worried and you can definitely tell something has changed. You will also be able to taste the HGH on your tongue after the injections you feel more energetic and stronger and joint pain you'll notice a dramatic decrease in this pain. Human Growth Hormone, Eli Lilly Humatrope, Serono, Jintropin, and Kigtropin. You will also get the same effects but they're a bit less. You may not feel the other brands working immediately like you do with Eli Lilly Humatrope. Saizen is considered the number two brand of HGH on the market it is 192 amino chains and is a very good brand. Jintropin made by Gen-Sci in China in 2012 opener laboratory Mexico City. Enabling us to purchase Jintropin directly from the laboratory. THIS IS NOW THE ONLY WAY you will get real Jintropin into the USA. The US has district laws against allowing Jintropin from China into the country and China has laws prohibiting the shipping of Jintropin from China to the US. We get around this by purchasing it from the Gen-Sci laboratory Mexico and then shipping it to the US. Jintropin is the number one brand of human growth hormone taken by bodybuilders. This is due to two reasons. first reason: the athletes have phenomenal results in making huge gains using Jintropin. The second reason: the price of Jintropin is much more affordable than other brands of HGH. If you try to purchase Jintropin from overseas or any HGH from overseas, there is a good chance, 95% possibility what you're receiving its counterfeit HGH it may contain some HGH very small amounts and manufactured very bad at it may not contain any HGH at all. The only way to be assured that you're getting real HGH is to order directly from the laboratories in Mexico that is what we do. Eli Lilly laboratories have a laboratory in Mexico City that we order from. Serono Saizen has the laboratory Mexico City that we order from. Gen- Sci Jintropin has the laboratory in Mexico City that we order from directly. This way we are sure that none of our patients are not receiving any type of tampered or counterfeit human growth hormone. IMPORTANT: When ordering human growth hormone that is being sold for a dollar or 2 dollars per I.U. it's fake we are one of the largest purchasers of human growth hormone in the world we can not buy no matter the bulk or quantity real human growth hormone for two dollars per I.U. If you see Jintropin for sale for $200 it's fake it's that simple Gen Sci doesn't sell real Jintropin for $200 per kit not from the laboratory not to anybody anywhere. The main problem with counterfeit HGH, even if it does contain some HGH is this---The process of making human growth hormone involves using E. coli bacteria. When the HGH is finished most all of the E. coli bacteria has been removed from the HGH in the case of the name brand HGH that we sell Jintropin and Humatrope and Saizen the E. coli levels are very low in the finished product. In the generic or the fake HGH the E. coli count in the finished product remains very high. This means that each time you inject yourself with the generic or counterfeit human growth hormone you are injecting E. coli bacteria into your system your immune system will automatically attach the E. coli. After a period of time, your Immune system will begin to associate the human growth hormone injections with the E. coli bacteria in the cases of people using the generic or counterfeit growth hormone. Your immune system will begin the fight the human growth hormone as well as E. coli bacteria as it begins to associate the human growth hormone injections with E. coli bacteria so taking cheap generic or counterfeit human growth hormone will actually do your body more harm than good. Human Growth Hormone. 

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